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Chill on the Moon Vol. 5 - The Sunrise


At 07.07.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Chill on the Monn Vol. 5" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

An exceptional collection of International artists have been selected for this downbeat and lush musical dream, reflecting the sunrise in space. Chill On The Moon is the interstellar compilation series compiled by Fabrizio Romano.

Chill-Lounge Charts - Vol. 5 (Label: KHB Music)


At 01.07.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Chill-Lounge Charts - Vol. 5(KHB Music)" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Es gib wieder Mal Gänsehaut pur für Körper und Geist. Die Beruhigungstablette gegen den Stress vom Alltag. Die längst erwartete Compilation der World Chill-Lounge Charts begleitet uns durch den Sommer 2017. Mit der Folge 5. bringt die Compilation wiederum das Beste aus der gleichnamigen Charts. Die gewohnte Mischung aus Ambient, Chillout, Lounge bis hin zu Downtempo machen das außergewöhnliche zum Genuss der Musikgattung. So darf man sich an die Federführung der Artisten und Künstler erfreuen. Ein sinnlicher Moment wünschen wir euch. Egal wo ihr diese Musik genießen wollt.
Chill-Lounge Vol.5 - Promo

Wavedrops - Lazy Hammock


At 26.06.2017  you can order the Single "Wavedrops" in all Download Stores. At 02.06.2017 it is exclusive by Spotify.

Wavedrops has the sound of the sun and the feel of the ocean. This chillout single and remix package will transport you to the Balearic Islands within a moment of you closing your eyes. Let these tracks take you away to sun soaked islands where they can be the soundtrack to your summer.

Buddha Hotel Suite 8


At 02.06.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Casanova Lounge 8" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Mazelo Nostra compiled the "Buddha Hotel Suite Vol. 8" for Solphet Music. This well known and successful Series deliver finest oriental Music for your Living Room. You can relax and meditate during playing this Music in Background. Enjoy it!
Buddha Hotel Suite 8 - Promo

Casanova Lounge 8


At 26.05.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Casanova Lounge 8" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Solphet Music released the Volume 8 of the well known and loved Lounge Series. Again selected Mazelo Nostra many finest Lounge and Nu Jazz Songs for the Time with Friends. Perfect mix to relax and enjoy your free time without stress and work.

Speak of the Mind - Lazy Hammock


At 12.05.2017  you can order the Album "Speak of the Mind" in all Download Stores. At 28.04.2017 it is exclusive by Spotify.

Speak of the mind takes you on a raw and emotive journey through love, pain, war and life, expressed through Lazy Hammocks unique and deeply poignant music and lyrics. Touching on genres from electronica, chill house and reggae, to drum & bass, songwriter and spoken word, this is an album which is sure to caress the senses, connect with the heart and touch the soul. You can buy it in her Shop: Lazy Hammock Shop
Lazy Hammock Promo

Just - Lo Tide


At 31.03.2017  you can order the Album "Just" in all Download Stores.

Lo Tide brings thirteen new tracks to the table for his latest album release. Four vocalists can be found on the album, some are collaborators from previous releases and others are debut features. The album starts with darker themes and tones, then moving into more driving and uplifting pieces, before slowing to a drifting release. Sounds for a variety of tastes and pallettes are catered for with the gamet of music on offer; whether you enjoy a slower pace and sparser sounds or want to hear chugging songs full of melodies.Electronic sounds are combined with acoustic instruments to great effect, giving both that recognised sound while taking the listener to new frontiers. Whatever the listening platform; on your car speakers, in bud headphones at work, through club speakers, played on your home stereo; this album delivers and delivers in full.

Chandini Buddha Lounge Vol.4 - Yantra Mantra


At 17.03.2017  you can order the Album "Chandini Buddha Lounge Vol. 4" in all Download Stores.

Just like the parent albums before, Chandini Buddha Lounge Vol. 4 presents modern chillout and lounge music with asian flair and flavour. The 15 songs in this album also create a modern exciting mixture without renouncing the Asian culture. Following this principle there are several songs which stand in the tradition of the elder Chandini albums. But also you can find some innovative tracks which indicate an individual way to combine musical elements intending to give Yantra Mantra a self contained identity of east/west fusion music. Sit back and enjoy it...
Yantra Mantra - Promo

Shadow Grooves - Mazelo Nostra


At 10.03.2017  you can order the EP "Shadow Grooves" in all Download Stores.

This Ep present some Oriental Lounge Music and Nu Jazz Lounge Music.

Deep Magic 03 - compiled by Claude Challe & Jean-Marc Challe (By Chall´O International Music)


At 03.03.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Deep Magic 03" in all Download Stores and the CD Stores.

After the success of the other two Volumes, decide the both Challe Brothers to compile the Volume 03 . Again finest Deep House Mix with oriental Style. Listen and enjoy the Sound from the both well known brothers.

Bar Lounge Classics - Deep Chill Edition - compiled by Boris Mueller-Bernhardt (By Sony Music)


At 24.02.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Bar Lounge Classics - Deep Chill Edition" in all Download Stores .

BAR LOUNGE CLASSICS - Deep Chill Edition Ein Cocktail in einer eleganten Lounge, der letzte Absacker an der Bar, ein gemütlicher Abend mit Freunden zu Hause, entspanntes Chillen nach einer durchtanzten Nacht oder zum Brunch Sonntag morgens, die neue BAR LOUNGE CLASSICS hat für jede Situation die passende Musik. Deep House und Deep Lounge gehören derzeit zu den angesagtesten Sounds. Bar Lounge Classics präsentiert auf diesem Album das Who-Is-Who dieses Genres mit 40 starken Tracks. Dabei sind aktuelle Künstler, wie STARLEY, BAKERMAT, BONOBO, CHAINSMOKERS, PARRA FOR CUVA, ZHU, JANICE, Yantra Mantra & Mazelo Nostra und viele mehr. BAR LOUNGE CLASSICS - DEEP CHILL EDITION .....Cool Down!

City Suite 2 (Solphet Music)

At 22.12.2016  you can order the Compilaion "City Suite 2" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Finest Nu Jazz Lounge Music on our Sub-Label "Solphet Music"

Chill on the Moon Vol. 4 - compiled by Fabrizio Romano


At 09.12.2016  you can order the Compilaion "Chill on the Moon Vol.4" in all Download Stores.

Directly from the moonbase, another refined collection of downtempo sounds will take your fantasy walking, with no gravity, on the lunar surface. Chill On The Moon series is the interstellar compilation ideated by Fabrizio Romano and produced by Diventa Music (Germany).

Chandini Midnight Grooves - Yantra Mantra & Mazelo Nostra


At 11.11.2016  you can order the Album "Chandini Midnight Grooves" in all Download Stores.

Chandini Midnight Grooves. The album from Yantra Mantra and Mazelo Nostra presents a stylish House Sound with asian flair and flavour. The 8 tracks create a modern exciting composition without renouncing the Asian culture. Songs and sounds from former Yantra Mantra albums were combined with groovy Beats between 120 and 128 bpm. An original and sweeping mixture for all DJs and clubs around the world.