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Listen 2016 - Golden Tone Radio


At 26.08.2016  you can order the Album "Listen 2016" in all Download Stores.

Golden Tone Radio's album "Listen 2016" contains 13 tracks, all unreleased apart from "Brain Touch" (2016 Lemongrass Music - Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol. 8). It includes the following brand new songs: "Crystal Palace", "Fruity Source", "International People" and "Tubular Bells", as well as remixes of "Silent Song" and "On The Shore". They were composed in a collaboration with singer/songwriter Marja Kaiser on her project "Shed". With his 3rd album, the producer Clemens Krallmann tells a story of an electronic journey, beginning vividly in the whorls of edifying intoxication, carried by the soft curves of the melody, towards the gloaming of darkened landscapes, while always being able to see beauty in the melancholia.

Lexicon - Placid Larry


At 19.08.2016  you can order the Album "Lexicon" in all Download Stores.

Placid Larry Lexicon is a 10 track album of easy listening musical pearls that take the listener on an excursion through human emotion. Its always been paramount for Placid Larry to be vivid with his expression as an electronic music artist and these collection of stories are no exception . An album ideal for any occasion where the listener can unwind from the pressures of modern day living , reminisce and focus on the beauty that life has to offer .

Callirrhoe Moon - Dreamweavers


At 12.08.2016  you can order the Re- Mastered Album "Callirrhoe Moon" in all Download Stores.

This amazing album covers some of the finest tracks by Dreamweaver's. A smooth journey evoking emotion, beauty,sound-travel and magical sound-spaces, just as a river finds its way to the ocean. A selection of Chill-Out,Dub, Lounge, Electronic, House, Contemporary. All tracks on this album have been Re-Mastered for optimal listening pleasure.

Deep Sunday Bliss - Lazy Hammock


At 05.08.2016  you can order the EP "Deep Sunday Bliss" in all Download Stores.

Lazy Hammock's new EP captures the essence of Summer, love, solitude and truth and takes you on a journey from Soulful Chillout to Syncopated Spoken Word.

Chill on the Moon Vol. 3 - Orbital Sessions


At 17.06.2016  you can order the Compilation "Chill on the Moon Vol. 3 - Orbital Sessions" in all Download Stores.

From the Orbital Space Station, a team of astronauts in music have created a downbeat session zone to ensure all humans a high level of quality sound. Chill on the Moon is the interstellar compilation series ideated by Fabrizio Romano and produced by Diventa Music.
The known Artist and Dj Smooth Genestar deliver the Dj Mix for this compilation.
Cover Created by Mazelo Nostra and Smooth Genestar.

Lounge Tunes Vol. 2 - Stargazer


At 17.06.2016  you can order the Album "Lounge Tunes Vol.2" in all Download Stores.

Fünf Jahre nach dem Erscheinen des ersten Stargazer Albums ist nun Lounge Tunes Vol. 2 erhältlich. Die fünfzehn Titel im Spannungsbogen zwischen sanftem Chillout und knackigem Lounge sind geprägt durch die Handschrift des Produzenten und Keyboarders Volker Förster und den Melodielinien des Saxophonisten / Flötisten Johannes Leis. Erstmalig sind drei Sängerinnen mit jeweils einem Song vertreten: Iza B. (Isabella Stockert), Dee Kay und Crystin setzen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Stimmen neue Akzente im Stargazer Sound. Das Album ist erschienen bei Diventa Music und in allen guten Download Stores erhältlich.

Five years after the creation of the first Stargazer album we are now presented with Lounge Tunes Vol. 2. The 15 new songs span the gamut from soft Chillout to hard hitting Lounge. They all carry the signature of producer/keyboardist Volker Forster and saxophonist /flutist Johannes Leis. For the first time three female vocalists are part of the mix: Iza.B (Isabella Stockert), Dee Kay and Crystin create new nuances in the Stargazer Sound with their distinct styles. Lounge Tunes Vol. 2 is now available at Diventa Music and from distinguished Download Retailers.

Buddha Hotel Suite Vol.VII (Solphet Music)


At 03.06.2016  you can order the Compilation "Buddha Hotel Suite Vol. 7" in all Download Stores.

Mazelo Nostra compiled and mixed the "Buddha Hotel Suite Vol. 7" for our Label "Solphet Music". This well known and successful Series deliver finest oriental Music for your Living Room. You can relax and meditate during playing this Music in Background. Enjoy it!

Casanova Lounge Vol. 7 (33 Finest Lounge Tracks)


At 27.05.2016  you can order the Compilation "Casanova Lounge Vol. 7" in all Download Stores.

Diventa Music released the Volume 7 of the well known and loved Lounge Series. Again we selected around 33 finest Lounge Music Tracks for the Time at home with Friends. Special Background music for Lounge Lovers. Some tracks have Vocals and some are without Vocals. Perfect mix to relax and enjoy your free time without stress and work.

"Solphet Music"


"Solphet Music" (Saved Trademark) is a new label from "Diventa Music". Solphet Music was founded early 2014 and concentrates its musical range on Lounge, Chillout and House sounds. The Label will release only compilations, also the series from Diventa Music in future, what involve known artists and finest music. Solphet Music is distributed through DigDis, what deliver all coming releases in all stores worldwide, but not all in iTunes.
This will bring our music in your living room. Enjoy it!